1. Do Raticator Products Really Work?
Absolutely! All our devices are 100% effective and kill rats and mice in a fast and humane way.

2. Are Raticator Products Guaranteed It Will Work?
Sure are! Raticator products come with a money back guarantee. Plus you get a one year parts and labor warranty. On top of that Raticator offers a support line for troubleshooting. Call 1-800-PEST-ZAP (1-800-37-8927) for support.

3. How Easy Is It To Use?
Incredibly easy! Just put fresh batteries in your Raticator, add any dry bait, place the device and switch on. The device will do the rest and flash when it has been activate allowing you to dispose of the dead rat or mouse and reset the trap.

4. Should I Buy The Raticator Max Or The Raticator Plus?
The Raticator Max has several benefits over the Raticator Plus. It has an infrared sensing system along with an approximate battery life of one year. However, the Max is slightly more expensive than the Plus.

The Raticator Plus uses a traditional sensing circuit. Battery life is shorter at around six months. It is however, slightly cheaper than the Raticator Max.

5. What Makes A Raticator Device Better Than Other Rodent Control Methods?
Spring traps may be cheap but they are also difficult to set, messy, unreliable and inhumane. Glue traps are cheap but totally inhumane and leave you to deal with a live, distressed mouse. Poisons can be inhumane and can mean rats and mice die out of sight in your home. Would you want something like that decomposing in your home? Ultrasonic repellers may or may not work. Some claim they work while other claim they are useless against mice and rats. Only a Raticator device humanely kills rats and mice with 100% effectiveness.

6. Why Should I Spend My Money On A Raticator Device?
Buying a Raticator device is an investment. It will keep your home free of unwanted rodents preventing potential health problems and damage to your home. It is reusable and a convenient way to deal with unwanted pests. Plus you have the added peace of mind that it is a humane method of extermination.

7. I’m Looking For A Rat Zapper Can You Help Me?
Rat Zapper devices are no longer manufactured. You may be able to buy leftover units online but we highly recommend you buy a Raticator device as Raticator provides full and ongoing support. The replacement for the Rat Zapper Classic is the Raticator Plus. The replacement for the Rat Zapper Ultra is the Raticator Max.