The Original Raticator Plus

The Raticator Plus (formerly the Rat Zapper Classic) is an effective rodent trap at an affordable price. It’s contains a traditional detection circuit and has a long battery life.

The Raticator Plus will kill both mice and rats quickly and humanely. Rodents carry serious diseases and the Raticator Plus is an excellent solution to eradicate rodents from your home.

The Raticator Plus is simple to setup and friendly to the environment. Just add batteries, place dry bait inside and place the unit where rodents are likely to pass.

The Raticator Plus delivers around 50 kills per set of batteries and battery life could be as long as six months.

Please note that the Raticator Plus replaces the Rat Zapper Classic.

Protect your Raticator Plus if using it outside. We recommend the Gimme Shelter Protective Case for outdoor use. This protective case helps to prevent moisture getting inside the device.

Also check out our Remote Rodent Indicator which provides a visual signal once a kill has been made. Very useful if placing your unit it cupboards or where you can’t see the on-board kill indicator.

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